About The HSU iWAV

This will give some background information on how the IWAV started and the versions that lead up to the current detailed IWAV you now see.


Before the IWAV, there was the TAL-IFC


Created in 2017 with HSU Whiteout, the new IWAV replaced the TAL-IFC which had been in place for 5 years prior.  The 2017 IWAV was designed to present a sleeker, faster Time Machine for viewing HSU websites from the past (using a  slider gallery as seen below) and was the first to show what was to come in the HSU future. At the time of release, the version was 1.0 and was to be replaced by 2.5 which was supposed to be released when HSU Blackstar was launched in 2020. That update was never released as the Blackstar Flagship was retired soon after release due to unfortunate death of two staff members. 

using the mouse pointer allowed the selection of each timeline to be viewed individually


Information coming soon-