HSU History


This information will provide more general timeline history about HSU from the beginning to present day.


The Beginning

HSU began in 2008 when the Founder, MatrixFx, banded together with a small group of students and formed an alliance in which they could use their passion and love for movies and music to find a common goal to pay Tribute and Honor Artist in the Broadcast, Film, Music and the Gaming Industry through a non-profit, non-commercial, fan-generated site. In 2009 HomeStudiosUnlimited.com went online and evolved from a simple site for the LaserLight Music Experience Matrix Series to over 10 years of web space for a complete Tribute Album Library to include five Tribute Album Channels along with a social media presence.


The First Upgrade

In 2012 HSU adopted the Fan Generated Site, abbreviated FGS, as part of the HSU official  name after the release of Bulletproof, the MLX Tribute to the 2012 Summer Movies, and created Bulletproof Digital Sound as the name for the sound processing division for HSU. Then in 2014, HSU divided into three divisions as FGS (the web operations site), Solo Sound Works (the sound processing operations), and Bluepixel (the digital art operations). In 2020 HSU.FGS got it's first official mascot seal, with Astrobot, to represent HSU.FGS without using the Flagship seals.

Solo Sound Works

Processing Sound

In 2014 with the release of the HSU 5-year Anniversary Flagship, Odessa, HSU.FGS created a separate sound processing division for Tribute Albums which came under the name of Solo Sound Works. With a handful of their own staff over the years, SSW became responsible for the operations of Bulletproof Digital Sound, the HSU sound processing division. Although SSW is a division of HSU, it operates on its own accord as they also work on independent projects outside of the HSU scope, but in the end HSU has top priority over all other projects independent of HSU.



Making Graphic Art

In 2014 shortly before the release of Threshold for 2015, Blupixel was formed as the digital art division of HSU taking charge of all artwork relating to Tribute Albums and the operation of HSU.FGS.  The first artwork completed by Blupixel was the HSU Threshold logo design for 2015. In 2019 when the HSU Skyview Anniversary Summer Update was released, Blupixel changed the spelling of the name and became Bluepixel with the first cover art release of Jurassic Music Evolution under the new name.


The Founder

One Man's Vision

Having worked in the Movie Industry on the theatre side of Hollywood for many years, the Founder, MatrixFX, developed an avid affection for the love of movies and music. Later in his academic years after leaving the movie business behind, his passion became directed at dance and the techno genre. Then in 2008, he formed the idea that there needed to be a fan generated site that would honor and pay tribute to those music artist while providing an educational information site about the artist who influenced him so much. In doing so, his academic cohorts wanted to join him to celebrate their passion for movies and music which began HSU online in 2009. In 2020, MatrixFX stepped down as the CEO for a brief absence to tend to family issues related to the pandemic before returning to the scene as co-owner with Axm.


The Mission Continues

In 2020 when the Founder had to step aside, he relinquished all property rights and ownership to his sincere friend, Axm, after the pair had meet in the mid 80s, when they both worked in the Movie industry.  Aside from the Founder, Axm became the most senior staff member at HSU with over 8.5 years of time helping build HSU.FGS into a strong web presence. Much like the Founder, the CEO also has a strong passion for movies, music, and video games and was willing to carry the HSU torch further than it had ever gone before.


After spending several years creating video game content for the Steam Community where he was actively engaged, he put aside his favorite video game hobby to take command of the HSU on her voyage into the future. Besides having worked in Movie Industry in Film Distribution Operations and as a Marketing Director, the CEO has an impressive background in the design industry, has operated multiple companies, is a real-life Batman for medically challenged and terminally-ill children in hospitals, and is currently writing and publishing his first book.