HSU Acronym Library - FAQ

Channel Acronyms

In 2012 when the HSU staff expanded the channel listings and added the MLX Channel, the staff created a three letter filing system for all Tribute Albums. This filing system of acronyms was then adapted to be used across all pages of the site as the staff became accustomed to the changes. On below list is the channel acronyms and is listed as Main Channels (MC) followed by each Series (SS) under that Main Channel. Some of the Series listed have been discontinued but are still listed as part of the Series History and are marked by (ds). 

General Site Acronyms

The following list contains the rest of the acronyms library used on site in various places including the site main navigational menu bar and are listed by Alphabetical Order. If new acronyms are created, this is where they will be listed after being created. Some acronyms may no longer be used but are listed as part of the acronym library.


FAQ Section

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about HSU and the HSU operations. This FAQ section has more to answer than the general quick FAQ located on the Flagship Homepage.

For more detailed answers about HSU history, visit the HSU About History Page located here.



What is HSU?

A non-profit, non-commercial, fan generated music site paying tribute to artist in the entertainment buisness of film, broadcast, music, and video games with free tribute albums and graphic artwork.

Who operates HSU?

5 staff members known as The Band of the Hand. See Staff Page here.

Does HSU.FGS make any money off its site material?

No! This site was created as a fan tribute and education site. All staff members involved share the same common goal and vonlunteer their time as hobby time for their passion for movies and music.

Is HSU.FGS a digital music store?

No! This site was created as a fan tribute and education site. All Tribute Albums are offered as free downloads. This site is not a digital music store (per song basis) and does not distribute individual songs for purchase or download. All downloable material is the form of a complete Tribute Albums (in mp3 file format). Some TA-HPs do offer individual tracks for listening as a convince for the users interaction to play audio from, but those individual tracks cannot be downloaded.

Can I use downloaded TAs for DJ purposes at private venues?

No! This site was created as a fan tribute and education site for home, end-user, private listening use only. Downloading TAs and using them for DJ purposes whether for commercial or private venues is a violation of HSU.FGS policy terms of use. Furthermore, to do so would be a violation of copyright law and would enfringe on the Artist rights which is also a violation of HSU.FGS terms of use.

How does HSU.FGS obtain its material to make TAs?

All material used on this site has been legally obtained either through retail purchase or online digital music and video purchases. Other fan-made material may come from YouTube and other online digital sources such as social media sites and similar places. Some of our other fan-created material comes from staff themselves and other members of the community who volunteer to submit their created work for site use.

I am a graphic artist and want to get my name and work out into the community. Can I submit artwork I created to be used on HSU.FGS so I can my name out there?

Yes. HSU.FGS will always credit the original artist if their work is submitted and used on HSU.FGS. If you are a artist and would like to submit your original designs to be used along with your website link, feel free to use our artist contact form with your contact information here, and choose artist contact in the drop-box menu under contact. The same applies for music artist.