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HSU About and History Information

HSU Flagship History

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HSU Web Archive

History and Gallery

HSU Reference Library


Learn About The Past
Glimpse Into The Future

Tribute Albums, History, and News All  Under One HSUFGS Roof

What The iWAV Offers

A detailed history lesson about HSU, how it started, and how it progressed through the years as it grew to become a detailed site all revolving around paying tribute to Artist in the Entertainment Industry of Film, Broadcast, Music, & Video Games

Finding Your Way About

Official Flagships

Flagships contain new TA Release information, what's coming ahead, HSU News and coming album Information, and the new HSU X Files

Titan Album Library

The New Titan Library contains the Tribute Album Collection (TAC) and Tribute Album Blogs (TAB), along with the Tribute Artist Database (TAD) .


The iWAV contains HSU history info, the Web Archive for Flagship Info - Past and Future, Media Galleries for Fanfares and Flagship Theme Songs.

Experienced in Simplicity

When navigating through all pages, each group will interact within the same browser window for faster navigating throughout. The TA files now play in your Browser Media Player so the TAs can now be enjoyed without interruption while navigating through all site pages.

HSUFGS Timelines

Horizon Timeline
2021 - 2024
Beyond Timeline
2024 - 2026
Infinity Timeline
2026 - 2030
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Understanding Site Navigation

How the HSUFGS Group Site Navigations Works...

The HSUFGS Group consist of three site groups of HSU Flagship, Titan Library, and HSU IWAV combined in one large family. The group was designed to act as one site no matter what group site you are viewing. This brief FAQ will help you understand how to use the navigation system to manage your way about the pages within HSUFGS.

Top Menu vs Detailed Bottom Menu...

Each HSUFGS Group site has two different menu systems. There is a top menu and a detailed bottom menu. The top menu is used to quickly navigate pages and does not disappear when scrolling through pages no matter what group site you are viewing. The bottom menu is broken down by each group site and list where the site pages are for each group reference, which is what makes the diffrence. Using the bottom menu, you can see in detail where and what pages that each group site contains. The bottom menu also contains the HSU Social Media links that are not found in the top navigation or anywhere else throughout the sites. You can quickly navigate to the top and bottom menu from each by using the corresponding link buttom located in each to go to bottom from top or vise-versa.

Other Menu Systems...

There are other menu and link anchors that are on certain pages and libraries. For instance, the Titan Tribute Album Collection has its own navigation system to access the TAB pages. There are also individual smaller menus which use link anchors that are located on certain Group site pages to quickly navigate to certain spots on the page.

Menu Consistency...

You will find that the all Group sites maintain the same consistency of the top menu navigation pages with the the exception of the IWAV. There are pages listed in the top menu on the iWAV site that are not listed in the top menu of the other two sites. Those pages can only be accessed using the top menu on the IWAV. However, those pages are listed in the detailed bottom menu on all three sites.